About Us

About the Group

Sparsh Natya Rang is a registered society situated in the national capital region of Delhi. Various eminent actors, directors, writers, painters, journalists and media specialists are associated with the group. The group was formed in the year 2005.

Since its formation Sparsh Natya Rang has staged plays like Kaafila, Pati Gaye Ree Kathiawar, No Exit, Sudaama Ke Chaawal, Radhe Radhe Hum Sab Aadhe, Yeh Train Kab Aayegi, Saanch Ko Na Aanch, Bechaara Bhagwaan and Neem Hakeem Khatra-E-Jaan in Hindi in various cities like Delhi, Udaipur, Pondicherry, Pune, Nagpur and so on. The group has also staged plays in regional languages like Bengali Plays named Pake Bipake, Sandhya Taara, Sandhan Chai, and Haimanti.

Sparsh Natya Rang has been organizing a four days  long Theatre Festival ‘Hriday Manch’ every year since August 2012, thereby providing a platform to various theatre groups.

Sparsh Natya Rang has staged street plays on social topics like Bhagidari, water conservation, pollution etc. The group organizes Teacher and Children’s theatre workshops. The teachers at such workshops are reputed actors from the field of theatre and television. The group also creates a platform for children performing other forms of Art like folk dances from various states in India, like Bihu from Assam, Gotipua from Orissa, Rajasthani folk songs, Chaou dance from Purulia (West Bengal) and Baul also from Bengal. The group encourages children performing such forms of Art apart from giving a chance to adult artists.

Sparsh Natya Rang Organized Ritu Ranga, Dokhin Hawa’e Path O Pothik, Rabindra Janmo Jayanti, Oenno Aami (The Other Me) and Rainstorm and Autumn Leaves  Musical Dance Performances on Select Seasonal songs of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.

Sparsh Natya Rang organizes Classical Dance and  Music Classes and arranges shows for the students and teachers giving them a platform to show their talents in their respective fields. Sparsh Natya Rang aims at providing a platform for different theatre groups, folk dancers and musicians in various states who would like to stage their plays by organizing Theatre Festivals in prominent cities of India. It also aims at organizing Theatre workshops for children from other states in their respective places.

Sparsh Natya Rang is committed to explore various avenues in the field of social welfare through the medium of Art and Culture. The group is dedicated to promote and propagate all Indian Literature through drama, dance and music, in general, particularly in all National and International spheres.

Sparsh Natya Rang is also flexible to cooperate and collaborate on terms mutually consented to, with other similar institutions, carrying on or undertaking to carry on work or activities falling within all or any other object of the society.

About the Director

Ajit Roy Chaudhary

Ajit Chowdhury was born in 1968 in a Bengali Family who are associated with music.

As a Child he was inclined towards fine arts. He has been associated with the world of theatre for the past twenty five years. Apart from theatre he also has keen interest in music with basic training from his father.

He has acted in various plays directed by eminent theatre personalities like B.V. Karanth, Amitava Das Gupta, Bansi Kaul, Tripurari Sharma , Dr. Mohan Agashe, Barry John, Fiezal Alkazi, Kirti Jain, Sudhir Kulkarni, Robin Dass and V.K. Sharma.

Ajit Chowdhury was also a part of the Theatre in Education Co., (National School of Drama) where he performed various plays for children, held workshops for children, teachers and N.G.O’s and has composed music for plays and serials and Ad films too. He also directed plays for children.

Also worked as music director / choreographer for National level events like, Brics (Goa) 2016, Agriculture Expo (Rajasthan) 2016, 350 years of Guru Govind Singh (Delhi) 2017, National Youth Festival (Rohtak) 2017, Haryana Golden Jubilee Closing ceremony (Hissar) 2017, Khelo India Khelo (Delhi) 2018, Investors Summit (Lucknow) 2018, Happiness Education Seminar 2019 (Delhi).

He founded the group Sparsh Natya Rang in the year 2005. Kaafila for Sparsh Natya Rang was his first directorial venture towards adult theatre. He has also directed plays for Sparsh Natya Rang like Pati Gaye Ree Kathiawaar, Radhe Radhe Hum Sab Aadhe, Yeh Train Kab Aayegi ,  Saanch Ko Na Aanch, Bechaara Bhagwaan and Neem Hakeem Khatra -E- Jaan.

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